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Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Hill Sprints! Go as far as you can in the following times walk back to starting point and rest. Round 1 = 6s (0:00) Round 2 = 8s (2:30) Round 3 = 10s (5:00) Round 4 = 12s (7:30) Round 5 = 14s (10:00) Round 6 = 12s (12:30) Round 7 = 10s (15:00) Round... Read more »

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Our Coaches

Jocelyn Streng

Hello, I’m Jocelyn, your new coach and owner of PDXstrength! I grew up competing and participating in a wide range of sports and obtained my B.S. in Physical Education and Health Promotion.  At University of Oregon, I was a Division I three-sport athlete, competing in track, cross country, and tennis.


Hi, I’m Nigel- the head coach at PDXstrength. A biologist by trade, I originally started CrossFit as a way to supplement skill-training in mixed martial arts. I needed to find ways to get stronger, recover from serious injuries and gain conditioning without getting hit, choked, or twisted out of joint.

Super Laura

Hi I’m Laura, one of your coaches at PDXstrength. Ready to get awesome with me? My classes are high energy and fun! I have an upbeat and positive attitude, and along with my spunky spirit, you are guaranteed a super awesome time when you take one of my classes.

Ken Hess

Hi, I’m Ken. I’ve been CrossFitting since I first heard about it back in 2006. I was apprehensive at first, as CrossFit is a huge paradigm shift from your typical gym routine, and what you read about in all the health and fitness magazines.

PDXStrength Blog

Aug 18  Got 5 minutes? Come Lift Up Autism with us!

Got 5 minutes?? That's all you need to raise some money for a great cause, get a good workout in, and have some fun with your awesome PDXstrength tribe! I'll bring coffee and donuts! How can you say no to that? This "competition for a cause" was created to support early diagnosis and treatment of Autism, raise funds for the Autism Tree Project Foundation in San Diego, and most importantly, turn a global spotlight … Keep Reading »

Jun 14  Join us for the FitKids Club

Welcome to the FitKids Club, our non-competitive fitness program. Get ready to run, jump, throw, catch,climb, balance, roll, kick, hang, and learn about fitness and health. FitKids Club is an enrichment program designed and developed for each individual child to encourage health and fitness as a way of life. A great overview of various sports and fundamental skills will be learned. Teamwork and good sportsmans… Keep Reading »

Jun 04  Why we require new athletes to take PDX101

  Sometimes we have new athletes question our "getting started" process. We understand that you want to get fit and are ready to take on the world... but we do have more than a few great reasons why we do things the way we do. Here is why we require our athletes to take PDX101  before entering our General Physical Preparedness Program: Most people who are entering in the GPP (General Physical Prepared… Keep Reading »