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Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

10 min EMOM Every minute do: -2 power cleans -1 jerk   WOD 21:00 AMRAP in teams of 3: -90 Calorie row -60 Deadlifts, 165/110 -30 Shoulder to overhead, 165/110 -15 Rope climbs, 15 ft.   One works, one rests, one holds a sandbag in bearhug position

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Our Coaches

Jocelyn Streng

Hello, I’m Jocelyn, your new coach and owner of PDXstrength! I grew up competing and participating in a wide range of sports and obtained my B.S. in Physical Education and Health Promotion.  At University of Oregon, I was a Division I three-sport athlete, competing in track, cross country, and tennis.


Hi, I’m Nigel- the head coach at PDXstrength. A biologist by trade, I originally started CrossFit as a way to supplement skill-training in mixed martial arts. I needed to find ways to get stronger, recover from serious injuries and gain conditioning without getting hit, choked, or twisted out of joint.

Super Laura

Hi I’m Laura, one of your coaches at PDXstrength. Ready to get awesome with me? My classes are high energy and fun! I have an upbeat and positive attitude, and along with my spunky spirit, you are guaranteed a super awesome time when you take one of my classes.

Ken Hess

Hi, I’m Ken. I’ve been CrossFitting since I first heard about it back in 2006. I was apprehensive at first, as CrossFit is a huge paradigm shift from your typical gym routine, and what you read about in all the health and fitness magazines.

PDXStrength Blog

Mar 17  Kick off the PDXstrength running club with the BEER MILE!

Start training for our first ever PDXstrength Beer Mile, our Airdyne fundraiser on Friday, April 14 at 6:30 pm. Run or Row a mile for time, but you have to drink a beer before every 400m! We will provide the beer! Don’t feel like participating, that’s cool! Come cheer on your fellow strength tribe members and have some laughs with your favorite gym rats! There will be prizes for the winners, and donations will… Keep Reading »

Mar 05  Our community is incredible!

This morning was our Sunday Funday Fundraiser workout.  Our strength tribe raised $400, which we donated to the ACLU and the Sierra Club. Our small but mighty gym inspires me every day, and today my smile was even bigger watching our community come together, sweat, laugh and do something positive to help our world. The members at PDXstrength never cease to impress me, thanks so much for a great turn out! … Keep Reading »

Feb 27  We raised $500 bucks for battered women!

This past Sunday was  a total success! We had an awesome self defense course, with Officer Carole Boswell. With the proceeds generated from the course, we were able to donate $500 to the National Clearinghouse of Defense of Battered Women. We are already planning our next course so that we can learn more strategies to stay self, and practice our new skills from the last class. Thanks Carole for making the course fu… Keep Reading »