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“Hey there. Crazy to say this, but just wanted to let you know that after all this time, I still think about you and your classes when I work out. Took me some time to figure out why, but I think I got it. It’s because you’re a true inspiration to your field. The attitude & dedication you have for yourself as well as your followers is top boss hands down. I’m glad to hear of your new business/gym and I wish you nothing but success! Take care”

Brent Sweetwater

“It’s hard to put into words just how amazing Jocelyn is at what she does. I have been working with her for a few years now and this year I did my first 5k and my first triathlon. There is no way that I could have done this without her friendship and support. I have taken her classes and also had one-on-one personal training sessions with her. In classes, she is very motivating and makes sure that things don’t ever feel routine. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, she makes sure you are getting a great workout without feeling overworked. as a personal trainer, she makes you feel right at home. After talking with you about your personal goals, she will design a plan that is comfortable yet effective for you. She not only talks to you about fitness, but she will also discuss your diet and how you can get the nutrition your body needs. And after all is said and done, she will check in with you to see how you are doing.
I am someone who has many excuses for not working out 🙂 She never makes me feel guilty, she only motivates me to do what I can and constantly reminds me that I am capable of doing amazing things!
she is the absolute BEST!”

Jodi B

I am SO glad I found you again. I missed your classes so much! You are the reason I would get up and go to boot camp at 6:30am at West Coast. If it were any other instructor I would just stay in bed:) You care about what you do and it definitely shows. I’m very happy for you that you have your own thing going. You deserve it!

Lindsey Alonzo

“Over the course of the last two years, I have been on a journey to become more fit and lose weight.  I was able to achieve a 20 pound weight loss with diet and exercise, but still craved becoming stronger and losing my last 10 pounds.  That’s when I noticed Jocelyn training another woman at my local gym.  I was compelled to do personal training after watching how she interacted with her client and realized she was gentle, encouraging, and always upbeat.  She has offered me workouts that are challenging and which have helped me lean down areas of my 39-year-old body I didn’t think could get better.  She has also proposed sound nutritional advice and been a role model for physical fitness.  Jos’ expertise and knowledge make her a top-notch personal trainer who can help you to achieve your fitness goals.  No matter where you are starting, she will give you an individualized program that will foster confidence and the motivation to keep working hard.  I highly recommend you sign up for sessions with her today!”


“Jocelyn, WOW! You have made a tremendous impact on my workouts, fitness level and my life. You always make the work outs fun and are very encouraging. You are always making sure my form is correct ( I got compliments from another gym member because my forms was so good.) which is sooooo important to any age. I am continually amazed at the things I am able to do now, that two years ago were impossible. Just going to the gym is not enough sometimes. You need to have someone to motivate you. Knowing myself as I do, your raising the bar each week has me working harder, even when you not around just so I can be better and do more. Your encouragement has been a huge help in loosing 17 pounds and feeling great. I have so much more energy. My metabolism has increased ( even though I never believed it would) dramatically. My husband is making very nice comments even though I am having to by a new wardrobe. If you need any referrals please feel free to pass on my phone number 503-807-1212. I’ll get you some more clients!”


Dee Pigman
Garden Place – The Green House

“I have been working out with Jocelyn on and off for 6 months and I cannot say enough about how great she is at what she does. Every week I have a new and tough workout that fits what I need to work PERFECTLY. She listens to what you want and is always willing to change up your workout to keep it fun. Best of all she is very flexible in when she is available which is nice with any busy schedule. I am getting married in three months and can’t wait to be in a swimsuit on the beach during my honeymoon thanks to Jocelyn’s help!! I recommended her to anyone wanting a great, challenging workout.”

-Miranda Flansburg

“I am having a wonderful experience working with Jocelyn. I am working hard and her knowledge and support of my strength challenges and abilities are always a part of our weekly sessions. I am seeing remarkable results in my self esteem, I would highly recommend having Jocelyn as a personal trainer.”

-Martha Gaugh

“I am obsessed with PDXstrength! I joined early this year & have been hooked ever since. I’ve belonged to many gyms & tried many programs & usually have not gotten the workout I was looking for. PDXstrength truly pushes you to your limits in a good way so you can improve your fitness level. Jocelyn & Laura are amazing trainers! I can’t recommend this place enough – if you want to get in great shape & never ever be disappointed with a workout this is the right place for you!”

Claire Wolfson

“Jocelyn has enabled me to reshape some of my persistent problem areas. I’m stronger and more taut, with better endurance and posture. She’s also very positive and encouraging. Training with Jocelyn has boosted my self-esteem immensely–and i actually look forward to going to the gym at 7:00 AM!”

-Heather Larimer

“My endurance is better than it’s ever been and I definitely attribute that to training with you– even just 2 bootcamps a week have dramatically improved my performance on the track! You can quote me on any of that!”

-Meghann aka MegaHurtz

“I’ve been taking Jocelyn’s Fitness Boot Camp classes for about 5 years and am amazed by how she continues to keep things fresh and challenging. This lady is NOT phoning it in. Every session is different from the last one – incorporating familiar exercises with ones we’ve never seen, always keeping us on our toes. The one thing that is consistent? My ass is kicked EVERY time. No joke!”

-Joanna Miller

“Jocelyn is a fantastic fitness instructor. I have attended her classes off and on through the years and she has always been a great instructor. In the last year she has taken it to a new level. I also belong to a “Cross Fit” style gym (Recreate Fitness) and Jocelyn’s classes regularly rival the intensity and challenge that Recreate offers.”

-WCHF Member

“Jocelyn’s classes are always challenging and she helps you discover your body’s potential and how to push yourself that extra mile. I have noticed a huge improvement in my muscle tone and metabolism by taking her strength training class. She is high energy and has a positive and encouraging attitude which makes you want to work harder!”

-Kathryn Thomason

“Jocelyn crafts challenging yet fun classes and makes everyone in the class (from the ultra-fit to the work-out novice) feel welcome. Jocelyn has each class member challenge themselves and improve their fitness level. Jocelyn varies the class work-outs to keep things interesting and to keep the body guessing at what’s coming next.”

-WCHF Member

“Jocelyn…just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class this morning.  I loved/hated every minute of it!  Now I’m actually tired and I have a whole work day to get through! Your class was fast paced and imaginative.  I love doing exercises that I’ve never done before.  I really appreciate the thought and preparation you put into it.”


“I am 29 and I have been working out with Jocelyn for the last five years, four of which, she has been my personal trainer. For the firstyear, I attended her regular classes at the local gym and fell in love with her enthusiasm, teaching approach and positive energy. Some time later, I came to the realization that I needed that extra push and one-on-one time to reach my health goals – improve my strength and lose 15 pounds. That is how Jocelyn became my personal trainer. In one year, she helped me reach my best shape ever! I slimmed down and push-ups felt super easy. Jocelyn also guided me through the most physically challenging period of my life – pregnancy and postpartum. Together we pushed through days of fatigue, aching back, and tired knees and feet. I felt very fortunate to have Jocelyn there to cheer me up and customize every workout. Each exercise was beneficial and at the same time gentle on my body. I highly recommend Jocelyn as a personal trainer to everyone! She will create a fitness plan exclusively for you and will push you to reach your personal best.”

Mila M.

“I Love Jocelyn Streng! She takes you to that place where you think you’re gonna die, but she never kills you! Awesome Spinning class, hope we bring back the sun PDXstrength :)”

Drew Quinlan Hannon

“If you’re thinking the time is now to get in the best shape of your life, I’m here to tell you PDX Strength is the place to check out! At PDX Strength you will find a laid back, supportive, motivating, and most of all fun space to work out! Each workout is different and exciting and fun! Jocelyn will meet you at any level regardless of ability, strength, or even injury. Not only is her main goal for you to reach your fitness goals and be your personal best, you will feel the support from all who are there sweating it out with you! It’s a fun, welcoming community who will not only challenge and motivate you, but will celebrate your accomplishments! When I first started going to Jocelyn’s bootcamps, I never thought of myself as an athlete, but Joceyln’s effective and fun workouts will change the way you think of yourself and fitness! I am a busy mom of 3 small children with limited free time, and although PDX Strength is across town…I am more than happy to make the drive. It’s addictive in that way! And…did I mention it’s FUN! Run…don’t walk to PDX Strength!”

Meg W

“I love love love Jocelyn. She always keeps the classes fun and challenging. I have on more than one occasion seen her show up early and stay late to make sure everyone knows how to use the equipment (bikes fitting right for spin class, modifications for injuries etc. ) and makes it very comfortable for people to ask her questions. She truly wants people to enjoy their workout and get something out of it. Her music is a blast and she is always asking for suggestions. She really does her homework and comes in prepared. She switches things up a lot so that you don’t get bored in fact last night in her Jump Rope class she said ” we are almost done” and I was shocked that there was only 5 minutes left, it felt like we had only been in there for 5 minutes. She is a blast to take classes from and is the reason I continue to return to the gym. She always has great suggestions on how to keep healthy without it being daunting she gave me a heads up on organic veggies being on sale at the grocery store and in my opinion she makes working out “cool” Go Jocelyn!!!!”

Laura T.

“Jocelyn’s training has motivated and pushed me to work harder than I ever thought possible. I feel like I’m making efficient use of my time, training smarter and seeing the results I want. Her workouts are tough, and she stresses the importance of eating clean, but if you put it all together it really works!”

Ted S.

“I never thought I would use a personal trainer but 25 lbs and over 11 inches later it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I give Jocelyn all the credit of knowing and understanding how to reach my goals, how to motivate me and create a fitness plan that’s not some cookie cutter one size fits all. Jocelyn is consistently mixing things up which keeps me on my toes and pushes me to challenge myself. I’m stronger, faster, and happier thank you Jocelyn!”

Jessica Velazquez

“After scouring Netflix, Comcast on demand & the internet for workout videos it hit me that we should check your page. Gotta say Jennifer Plambeck & I found your videos the easiest to find, most user friendly, non intimidating and the best work out either of us have had in a long time. Thanks Jocelyn Streng!”

Sara Moon

“I highly recommend Jocelyn. Her classes are (I believe) Cross-fit inspired but not completely cross-fit. There are components of alot of different fitness regimes in there. I’ve taken her classes for two years at West Coast Fitness and they have helped me tremendously. As I sit here this morning with my sore butt from the workout last night… everyone should give it a try! She’s really nice too!”

Elizabeth Welch

“We haven’t met yet but I’ve taken several of your classes in the past. I know it might be odd but I have admired your strength ever since. When I became a member of WCF, I went to almost every class. I wanted to see if this tiny North Portland gym has any talented fitness professionals. You exceeded all of my expectations! You were so unbelievably focused on delivering the highest level of fitness that I immediately wanted to know you professionally and personally.”

Mariya Schmerber

“Jocelyn is truly gifted at what she does. Over the past 10 years I have worked with several personal trainers, and I’m so impressed with the level of passion, knowledge, and understanding that Jocelyn has for her clients. She truly listens to her clients. I have suffered from many past training injuries, and the older I get the harder it is for me to recover. Since working with Jocelyn, I have been injury free! She is great at finding modifications to work around past injuries. Additionally, Jocelyn, has tailored my workouts to work for my heavy travel schedule. She is amazing at creating workouts that can be done in my hotel room with little to no equipment, and in 30 minutes or less. I’m so amazed and happy with the results I am seeing. I used to think that I needed to spend an hour or more at the gym to have a fit body. Jocelyn, has taught me that I can achieve the body I want by eating clean, wholesome food, and sticking to her workouts. I’m so blessed to have found Jocelyn. I highly recommend her!”

Angie D

“I started going to classes at PDX Strength almost three months ago after a long time away from the gym. Jocelyn’s approach is super fun, motivating, supportive and professional. This gym is not pretentious or exclusive. Jocelyn’s supportive style is definitely why I keep coming back! The other trainers are equally open, helpful and friendly. I’m thrilled to have been welcomed by a seriously fit, fun and hardworking group of people and eager to continue to work out here in 2014!”

Sara P

“I started working with Jocelyn in July of 2012. My new years resolution (which I accomplished) was to run a half marathon: my very first. Jocelyn was integral in helping me to accomplish that goal.

I love working with her. She makes me feel like I can accomplish any goal I choose. I mean, I ran 13.1 miles after training with her for three months. That is amazing!

I have never been someone who walks into a gym with a clear idea of what I should be accomplishing. That is, until now. Due to Jocelyn’s guidance and encouragement, I know what I’m working towards and how to achieve my goals.

I now have workouts that I actually want to do on my own (which, by the way, she sends in an email to me after each session). Moreover, they are workouts that I actually go and do on my own. All of them are effective. None of them are intimidating.

She’s top notch. She’s inspiring. She’s creative. She’s motivating. She’s someone I can’t wait to see on a weekly basis.”

Amber F

“I’ve been training with Jocelyn for a few months now and i just love her! I’ve been a member at westcoast fitness where she teaches classes and trains for the past 2 years. The first time I took her class “strength and stamina” I was amazed! First by how hard it was and how out of shape I was, but also by her enthusiasm. She really kicked our butts! In a good way! She modifies things to accommodate injuries or for your level of fitness and also shows you how to make things more challenging. I finally decided to look into training with her privately and found that she was super affordable. She develops workouts based around your goals and emails them to you afterward. She’s always available for questions and doesn’t mind when I ask her to show me an exercise 10 times because I can’t seem to get it.
I meet with her weekly, but she gives me that drive and motivation to go to the gym. I finally have a purpose other then the elliptical! She has shown me easy workouts that I can do alone ( not all at the gym as I have a son and sometimes need to work out at home) in as little as 30 min! I broke my toe and was unable to do much for a while but she showed me workouts I could do that were low impact on my foot. She’s awesome and I’d recommend her to anyone! I finally feel like I know what to do to change my body and how to become a stronger more fit version of myself.
She’s awesome!!”

Amber B

“I’ve been working with Jocelyn for about 6 months. Since day one she has been a supportive and inspiring advocate for health and fitness. Jocelyn is very personable, understanding and has realistic expectations of her clients.

I have never been a gym person – my workouts in the past have always consisted of yoga or outdoor activities – since working with Jocelyn I enjoy coming to the gym and have learned a lot about how to utilize the equipment in fun ways to work and strengthen my body.

I have also attended her outdoor summer bootcamp classes! I have never been a “bootcamp” person – but I really enjoy the bootcamps Jocelyn puts together and am looking forward to attending more of them! They are fun and challenging – plus it feels great to be outside with a group of people who are all working hard with the support of a great trainer!

I am very excited to continue working with Jocelyn and would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer or for her classes!”

Trisha B

“I have been training with Jocelyn since April of 2012. The workouts she creates for me have aided in my goals to improve my overall strength and tone my body. I love that the workouts are busy schedule friendly, they can be done in thirty minutes or less. Plus, they’ve allowed room for growth as I’ve gotten stronger. I appreciate that Jocelyn will answer my questions outside of my training sessions and her blog is full of helpful tips, like how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Jocelyn’s workouts are hard, but her approachable and caring personality makes up for it.”

Ellen S

“I played my first tennis match in at least 2 years and have never felt so physically tough as I did today. Thank you for helping me reach the next level!!”

Ashley Harris

“Best workout ever! The classes are challenging and fun. Jocelyn & Laura are awesome. They are inspiring, personable and friendly. The boot camp classes have a good mix of cardio, strength and focus on form. Convenient location and a recommendation from a neighbor first brought me to Jocelyn’s classes and now I’m hooked!”

Erin O

“Jocelyn is an amazing trainer and motivator! Last year I worked one on with her during personal training sessions. I am a runner and was looking for strength training to improve my running. She gave me really tough workouts that I could use at the gym or at home.

I have also been going to her booty boot camp outdoor workouts and love them!! Jocelyn is patient, gives clear instruction, and makes the workouts fun! Her workouts are never boring and are appropriate for newbies and advanced athletes. I have finally found a strength training routine that I enjoy, and that doesn’t require that I sit at machines in the gym. I highly recommend Jocelyn’s workouts to anyone wanting to get fit!”

Gigi F

“I just finished a six week booty boot camp and it was great. i really needed to add strength to my hips I and glutes, and this class had me well on my way. plus it was fun to work out in the park!”

Maureen M

“Hardest most intense workouts of my life! After only six weeks of booty bootcamp this spring, I have noticed marked changes in my fitness level and strength. I am excited to work out, dripping sweat when class is over, and sore the next day. Jocelyn’s classes inspire me to continue working out throughout the week in anticipation of the next class. Jocelyn is the best!”

Kristen F

“Jocelyn is amazing! I have taken her classes at West Coast Fitness as well as her Boot Camp. She is encouraging and makes you want to push yourself to your max! She is great for any fitness level and gives many alternative moves for those that need it. I look forward to my next Boot Camp!”

Tiffany S

” I love your classes and I have seen so many changes in myself this summer. I have ran five 5Ks between June 1st and Sept 15th, and I have lost ten pounds since last Christmas! I have also noticed so much muscle definition, and overall tightening up. I have also noticed I am much less sore after class, especially if I come to both Monday and Wednesday classes. Also I feel SUPER guilty for skipping class on Wednesday. But I think that is a testament to the fact that working out regularly is a lifestyle now. and taking time off to nurse running injuries is necessary, but I don’t like it!

For most of my life I was inactive and I was basically a couch potato, struggling to get to the gym and feeling guilty for not working out on a regular basis. But no more! In 2013 that all changed and I’ve lost weight, and I officially a runner, and I love high intensity work outs (which I honestly never thought I would). Some new goals for age 29 and for 2014 are to run a 10K and to be able to do a real full push up (I”m working on counter push ups at home now). Eventually I want to be able to do a chin up or pull up (I can’t even get close to one now) but I don’t even know where to start to train for that. Anyway, you and your classes have been a HUGE part of my journey. I just wanted to say thank you!”

K Fuld

“I have to preface this by saying that I have always hated exercising. Years ago I had a trainer, and I was in the best shape ever, but it was a LOT of gym time and effort. After three kids and innumerable milkshakes and beers, it was time to try to get back there. Being over 40, I knew that this was a lofty goal.

I am a “program” person (that is, I’m not going to do *anything* unless I force myself to), so I have signed up for running programs, bought magazine after magazine, attended classes, and tried my routines from my old trainer. I inevitably quit all of them because I’m just that damn lazy.

I had been thinking about getting a trainer again; someone to make me accountable. Randomly, Jocelyn and her boyfriend were sitting behind me at a Timbers game, and we all started talking. She was friendly, looked “not like a trainer” (if you know what I mean), AND was drinking a beer! (“I could really like this person!”, I thought.)

About a month later, I showed up for one of her Saturday boot camp classes. It was tough, and I was sore (not having done much of *anything* in months and months) — but I had *such* a great time that I went back the next week… and the week after that… and after that… I admit it: I’m hooked. It’s the best part of my weekend. I kid you not. We all have so much fun. One Saturday, I was hung-over and positively exhausted, and I STILL went to boot camp. (I didn’t have to persuade myself to go, either. That’s serious for someone like me.) At this point, I’ll miss my kids’ soccer games, but I won’t miss boot camp. 🙂

Well, now it’s been three months. I have gone to every Saturday class, and have been working one-on-one for about two months. I have noticed a *huge* difference, even in that short time.

I can’t say enough good things about how great it is to finally enjoy exercise. Jocelyn’s workouts are challenging, but fun. [Secret: I kinda can’t wait for them. There’s something to that.] You never know what you’re going to get… and that’s *such* a good thing. I have told her myriad times how much I appreciate the simplicity and the diversity: no weight machines (yay!), no two-hour-long workouts (double-yay!), and — best of all — NO CARDIO MACHINES! Every time I go to the gym and I see all those cardio machines, I just want to hug her for not making me spend 45 minutes of my life on one of those damn things.

You think you won’t ever like exercise. You will. You think it’ll be too tough. It will… but, after only a few weeks, you’ll say “That wasn’t very hard.” (No, really, you will.)

Spoken 100 percent honestly. :)”

Jennifer I

“I love your classes! You make them so fun and really do push us positively! I always leave in such a wonderful mood and feel physically awesome! I’m so excited for your new adventure at your Kenton location! Ill most certainly be there! I honestly think that your business is going to take off this upcoming year and i totally commend you for making a bold move and focusing on PDXstrength.

Keep pushing me! I need it! And thanks for everything”

Kelsey Green


“I started working with Jocelyn just to get my bearings for some fitness goals. It had been several years since I had stepped in a gym, and although I was physically active running, I was not as physically fit as I would like to have been.
I signed up for a few personal training sessions to get an idea of what to do and then I was going to do it on my own.  Well, that was several months ago and not only am I still working with Jocelyn doing personal training, but I have now also started attending her booty camp!
And the changes that working with Jocelyn have brought about in my life have not only been with my fitness.  She is so supportive and encouraging during her classes, that you can not help but walk away with more energy and self-confidence. Since I started working with her, I ran Hood to Coast, I got a promotion (and this was in part due to my new self-confidence), and am now two sizes smaller! I still have more goals that I want to tackle (a recent bear of a workout comes to mind), but I am excited for the challenges to come.
Jocelyn is what every fitness trainer should aspire to be!”

Deborah S.


“I am obsessed with PDXstrength! I joined early this year & have been hooked ever since. I’ve belonged to many gyms & tried many programs & usually have not gotten the workout I was looking for. PDXstrength truly pushes you to your limits in a good way so you can improve your fitness level. Jocelyn & Laura are amazing trainers! I can’t recommend this place enough – if you want to get in great shape & never ever be disappointed with a workout this is the right place for you!”

Claire Wolfson


“I absolutely love this gym! The programming is fun and challenging. The trainers cultivate a positive and lighthearted atmosphere. The  classes work for all skill levels from novice to experienced.  Best of all, I am finally meeting goals that eluded me during my three years at a Crossfit affiliate!!! ”

Jennifer R


“It has been almost a year since I found PDXstrength and I cannot say enough good things about this place and these people!  My life, health and appearance have completely changed since I started going to classes with Jocelyn and the PDXstrength gang.  I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 and my strength, flexibility, energy and general well-being has skyrocketed.

I recommend this lifestyle to ANYBODY who wants to improve themselves, especially beginners.  I couldn’t do half of what I can do know when I started this journey and the classes were all completely scaled for every level of ability.  Jossy, Laura, Trish and Ken are so knowledgeable, supportive and approachable, and the group structure is very motivating without any guilt or pressure.  I want to go work out because I love it and I love the people I get to do it with!

If you have wanted to try a personal trainer but thought it was too expensive/too intimidating, this is the solution!  At PDXStrength you get the personal attention of trainers who are constantly learning more to share with you while also becoming part of a supportive community.  I have made great friends and great strides in my own fitness with the help of these amazing people and this amazing place. Thank you to Jossy and to the PDXStrength community! I am looking forward to another great year of meeting goals and surpassing my own expectations!”

Dana H


“If you’re thinking the time is now to get in the best shape of your life, I’m here to tell you PDX Strength is the place to check out!  At PDX Strength you will find a  laid back, supportive, motivating, and most of all fun space to work out!  Each workout is different and exciting and fun! Jocelyn will meet you at any level regardless of ability, strength, or even injury. Not only is her main goal for you to reach your fitness goals and be your personal best, you will feel the support from all who are there sweating it out with you! It’s a fun, welcoming community who will not only challenge and motivate you, but will celebrate your accomplishments!  When I first started going to Jocelyn’s bootcamps, I never thought of myself as an athlete, but Joceyln’s effective and fun workouts will change the way you think of yourself and fitness! I am a busy mom of 3 small children with limited free time, and although PDX Strength is across town…I am more than happy to make the drive.  It’s addictive in that way!  And…did I mention it’s FUN!  Run…don’t walk to PDX Strength!”

Meg Walsh