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PDX 101

Ready to kickstart your fitness game in a non competitive, inviting, and supportive environment? PDX 101 is the perfect route to get you prepared to tackle our Group Strength and Conditioning classes.


PDX 101 is designed to give you a good grasp of our classes at PDXstrength.

Learn the fundamental movements used in our group training classes: squat, hinge, press, push, pull, lunge, jump, run, row and more.
Acclimate yourself to the intensity levels of PDXstrength classes at a pace that's perfect for you.
Learn about nutrition, recovery and hydration.
Become familiar with dynamic and static stretching techniques for joint mobility and muscle flexibility.
Establish your 3R max back squat, front squat, press and deadlift.
Be introduced to more advanced gymnastics and kettlebell movements.
Learn the the basics of Olympic weightlifting, like the clean and jerk and snatch.
Gradually perform tougher and challenging metcons that will improve your overall fitness level and expose you to high intensity workouts.
And most importantly, have lots of fun enjoying exercise!
 Our all-star coaches will meet you at your current fitness level. Cost is only $230 for 16 classes, plus PDX 101 athletes get free access to any of our bootcamp classes, kettle bell classes and open gym for the duration of PDX 101, valued at $218.  

**no classes  will be scheduled on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day or 4th of July** 

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The start of the new year is a great way to make some life changing habits. Ready to create a lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, eliminating stress and kicking bad habits?  This workshop will positively impact you for the rest of your life..... This workshop has a heavy emphasis on balancing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle! 
Breakthrough is a 6 week series that is planned to set you up for success!  All you have to do is show up to classes, do your weekly workout homework, healthy eating and sleeping challenges, and we guarantee you will be well on the road to a healthier, happier and radiant you!
This is a great way to kickstart 2018, especially if you want to have more energy throughout the day,  lose weight, get stronger,  find your inner athlete, and be a healthier version of your current self! 
This workshop series is  geared towards  athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes, new to exercise or that have taken a  break from a regular physical exercise routine. Nutrition and healthy habits will be a huge component of this workshop series. We are a supportive and non judgmental gym, so you will feel comfortable working out in a non-intimidating atmosphere. 
Not only will your amazing coaches help you every step of the way, but you will also be surrounded by athletes such as yourself, taking on a new chapter of their lives. Come on and breakthrough to the other side, everyone deserves to be fit, strong and healthy!  
Workshop includes:
Six  one hour and fifteen minute sessions- with a 20-30 min nutrition talk in each class, followed by a 45 minute fitness class.  These classes will teach you how to perform fundamental exercises safely, to create a strong foundation for your fitness journey in a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere. Each class in our breakthrough series will cover a crucial topic on nutrition, healthy habits and nutrition. Bonus: Athletes will have free access to our Yoga and Bootcamp classes while taking the Breakthrough Course.
Weekly workouts to do at home or in the gym for 6 weeks.  
Weekly nutrition, sleep and lifestyle challenges for 6 weeks.
A small positive group for support, sharing and encouragement for 6 weeks and on....
Cost is  only $219

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Clean Clinic

Do you wish you had more time than we can spend in class to work out your clean kinks?
On Sunday, March 4, we’re offering you the opportunity to one and a half glorious hours working on your clean confidence with Coach Jen Javier and fellow members of PDXstrength!
We’ll break down your clean into its component parts, drill the basics, and build it back up better, faster, and stronger! You’ll leave with improved technique, and a new appreciation for the complex beauty of Olympic weightlifting.
All of this can be yours for just $18.00

This mini clean clinic will give you an opportunity to learn (or relearn) pointers that will help you throw up some serious weight with beautiful form.
Sign up on mind body. Space is limited to 12 participants.
Date: 3/4
Time: 10:30 am - 12pm
Cost: $18


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Hard Core!

We all know there's plenty of benefits from having a strong  and stable core. 
The Power to Work Harder in the Gym

Strength and power originate in the core of the body. When the trunk, torso and pelvis are strong and stable, power is transferred to all other muscles. Powerful contractions, such as rapid muscle movements, require a strong core. The more stable the core, the more energy transferred to the muscles leading to quicker repetitions and more effective training.

Improved Posture

Core fitness exercises also support proper posture. Imbalances of posture can lead to improper weight lifting form, injuries, and undue pressure on the lower back. Pressure and pain of the lower back is a common symptom of weak core muscles.

Improved Balance

The abdominal muscles are important to core stability and strength. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the lower back holds additional pressure and weight from simple daily tasks like walking. When exercising, this pressure grows exponentially leading to painful back injuries. Strengthening the abdominal muscles allows the weight of the upper body to be evenly distributed over the front and back. When weight is distributed, balance improves.

Training for core stability requires resisting motion at the lumbar spine through activation of the abdominal musculature as a whole. Training for core strength allows for motions to occur through the lumbar spine in an attempt to work the abdominal musculature, often in an isolated fashion.   
This 5 week course will focus on Core Strength, Core Stability and end with a metcon that will boost your metabolism to melt that stubborn fat. Class meets once a week and we will send you home with 2 workouts you can do at home or in the gym each week. This class is for all levels. 
Lets get hardcore!

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Olympic Weightlifting

Improve your power, speed, strength, and flexibility with Olympic-style weightlifting! This 6 week course will cover the Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk, as well as assistance exercises for Olympic Weightlifting.
Athletes are encouraged to take our Intro to Olympic Weightlifting class, prior to taking part in our ongoing Weightlifting class.  

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Get your First Strict Ring Muscle Up

A smooth, controlled muscle-up is one of the best demonstrations of pulling strength and body control.
If you can do 3 strict chest to bar pull-ups and 3 strict ring dips…. and want to learn progressions to get that first strict muscle up, then this workshop is perfect for you.  If you are not there yet, continue building your strict chest to bar pullup and dip strength.

In this workshop, we break down the muscle-up so you can tackle it the smart way, and build the skill and precision you need to do a beautifully clean muscle-up on the rings.

If you do want to learn the kipping muscle-up, you would be much better off learning the strict muscle-up first so that you can do the kipping muscle-up with control. This will be safer and much less frustrating in the long run.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and lets get that strict ring muscle up!

Cost is only $18 for 1.5 hour workshop

Sunday April 1st   at 10:30 am